What I’m doing now

  • Building a department and a brand for ASMGi, a practical IT innovation company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • I’m on a short 4-week winter break for my masters in business. It will be the longest break I have before I (hopefully) graduate in December 2017. In the Spring I am taking what I’ve been told is the hardest course at the university, an advanced statistics course called Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions. I’ll also be taking a Strategic Management course. Including these two courses, I have six more classes left.
  • Saying “yes” to everything I can with my kids and spouse.
  • Eagerly awaiting the one-year mark for an investment in a company that I bought at what I believed would be a low. (Right so far!) I see some issues down the road for this company now and its value is over 50% higher than when I bought it. I’d love to sell it without paying short-term capital gains tax!
  • Building out this website — SLOWLY.
  • Preparing to take another crack at getting back into shape. The last attempt failed.
  • Trying to find one moment a week to make my wife Margie, my daughter Emily and my son Clark unexpectedly happy while spending little to no extra money to do so.

This list was last updated in December 2016. I will update it regularly.