Good Customer Experience Creates Happy Consumers
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Read between the whines

Effective listening goes beyond categorizing complaints and addressing the issues. The complaints, the compliments, which words are used, which words aren’t used. Online reviews, magazine articles, phone calls to the customer service agents and conversations in the aisle. It’s the sum of all the parts that paint the real picture of customer experience. Understanding where your brand stacks up in the buying process and against the competition gives you the tools to understand where making customers happy turns prospects into buyers and buyers into advocates.

Customer Experience isn’t a feel-good metric

Many companies who adopt a customer-driven model lose sight of the big picture. Measuring customer satisfaction and soft metrics is nice, and certainly those metrics should grow positively when a CX model is adopted. However, if you’re not measuring business metrics like repurchase rates, propensity to recommend and the impact on conversion rates of browsers to buyers, you’re not measuring what moves the needle. CX metrics take time to move, but they are fundamental and foundational. CX fuels all parts of the business from product development to customer care to marketing to sales to quality to engineering. Customer Experience is a trendy name for a fundamental way to examine your business.

Who is Andy Netzel?

I lead marketing at ASMGi, a fast-growing technology company in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Previously I worked in marketing and communications at TTI Floor Care (Hoover, Dirt Devil and Oreck) and Things Remembered. I briefly departed marketing to work as a Wall Street analyst covering emerging technology. And I also worked as a writer and editor for several newspapers and magazines. I live in Geneva, Ohio with my wife, two kids, two dogs, two cats and two horses.

Andy Netzel